DIA Thanks Supporters for Moving Southeast Michigan Forward

Leaders at the Detroit Institute of Arts express gratitude to voters for approving last fall's millage, which will help cover the museum's operating costs for the next 10 years.

When tri-county voters passed the DIA millage by overwhelming fashion in November, they demonstrated their willingness to support the arts and regional cooperation.

And officials with the Detroit Insititue of Arts honored that spirit and gratitude when they recently discussed the November millage that will help cover the museum's operating costs.

"I cannot tell you what an important and critical vote that was," DIA chief operating officer Annmarie Erickson said Feb. 8. "Your help really did an amazingly critical thing for the DIA."

Erickson made her statement at the DIA's Crystal Ballroom as part an announcement of which Metro Detroit communities would host the next round of Inside|Out installations this spring and summer.

In November, voters in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties — incluing Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills — approved a tax of 0.2 mills for the next 10 years to help cover the museum's operating costs. In return, residents from all three counties receive free admission to the DIA for the next decade.


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In the meantime, the museum's fundraisers will work to build a sustainable endowment.

"It also was an amazing statement on regionalism," Erickson said. "This kind of back and forth is going to be essential to moving forward in southeast Michigan."

The Inside|Out program is funded through a partnership with the Miami-based John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, one of whose goals is to foster the arts.

Have you visited the DIA since the November millage passed? What is your favorite attraction?

Marcia Robovitsky February 22, 2013 at 04:17 PM
There is more to the DIA story. Voters approved a millage for the DIA. However, there are municipalities that have "legally" taken some of that DIA millage money that was collected and intended for the DIA and kept it for other expenses in their community. Also, this article repeats the misunderstood concept of "free admission" to the DIA. Not in the ballot language, but assumed understood by 3 counties of voters, was the mention that special exhibits at the DIA.... are NOT included in the free admission. So, the ..not sure I remember this number correctly... the approximately $24 million collected each year from the three Counties....for the DIA ...does not ALL go to the DIA and the new and exciting exhibits are NOT covered by the $24 million collected. Patrons must pay extra to see those. I believe there is some legal action by some to stop the municipalities that do TAKE money from the millage...and some legal action by some taxpayers to make the DIA really have FREE admission...every day...even for the special events. What else is in the DIA agreement on how they intend to spend the millage money? Those are the articles that I would like to read about.... as well as news about special exhibits and the Inside/Outside Programs from the DIA .


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