It's about Money, Manipulation and Wabeek

Funding is "per pupil," but spending is "per adult." What happened to "21st. Century Education?

I attended two of the BHSD's town hall presentations about the new/used "hybrid" high school schematically designed by consultant Fielding Nair International and noticed that this term was never mentioned:

"21st Century Education."

Wasn't that, along with operational savings of about $2.5 million (mostly by reductions in sports programs and staff) supposed to be the point?

It seems to me that the reason the board spent $863,114 to hire the virtual consultant, known as "FNI," was this firm's promise to create an environment that was hospitable to "21st Century education."

Apparently, enough voters registered a serious concern about whatever "21st c. education" might be, and that they would prefer to stick with traditional classrooms, small class sizes, and teachers who are capable of teaching on their own, rather than in groups.

So, if the plan developed by FNI was supposed to be about 21st Century education, and now it's not, why proceed?

Here's the point: Will the "hybrid" school improve academic achievement in the BHSD? What are the specific advantages offered by this plan in terms of improvement of student learning?

Yes, it has a BIG auditorium, and a BIG new pool, and those are very nice. But this is supposed to be a SCHOOL, not a "sports and entertainment complex."

As to any operational savings, reductions in cost can be achieved right now by consolidating sports teams as necessary and reducing administrative staff.

Many administrators have time to attend the Town Hall meetings, strictly as "observers," often held during their work day. If they don't have anything better to do, then do we really need them?

Funding is per pupil, but spending is "per adult." Spend less on adults and you have more for the students.



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Cara McAlister February 21, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Jenny Greenwell is correct. In November, 2010, voters were offered a new high school WITH a fancy new administration building and a sky bridge. Taxpayers were never offered just the school. If the Board cares about education, they would stick to the school and education and quit putting in major renovations for themselves. The Board has approved a $1.1 million and climbing, renovation to The Doyle Center which was defeated by vote in Nov.2010, but, that they are doing anyway. Like spoiled children. Remember, Bloomfield 20/20 may be vocal, but the majority of taxpayers are the ones who voted NO. they should vote No again in May, 2012, because elections should be held in November. There is a bill in Congress now in Michigan and several other states to outlaw May school ballots of any kind. So, a lot of people feel May is sneaky.
Laina S. February 23, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Cara, I don't find a May election sneaky if it is well publicized, thoroughly explained and will prevent prolonging this project into another school year. This election meets all of those criteria. The majority of taxpayers DID vote no...on the OLD proposals. This is NEW. This has been developed after listening to all of the input from said "no" voters. There is nothing sneaky about it.
Linda P February 23, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Laina you don't understand why people ...many of them feel the May elections sneaky. Sneaky because May elections historically are low turnout and easily manipulated by constituents of said elections...that is a political reality. Sneaky because the proponents keep insisting its not sneaky. Why don't you over come the doubters and remove the obstacles to the accusations of unfairness by using a November presidential ballot? Because it makes too much sense.....because you want your desired outcome no matter how tainted it is getting there. The school listened to the NO voters...laughable.....the town halls were just as manipulated as this election is trying to be. creating around round of anger and rejection is no way to move forward. VOTE NO. NO will prevail.
Neal Charness February 23, 2012 at 11:51 PM
The date of the election and allegations about it are diversionary tactics. It's about our schools. The people posting complaints about the election date want to talk about that, not our schools. Read posts, click on the posters' names, and determine their credibility and values for yourself.
Trefer Vontalia March 09, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Do you have a heart? Or kids? If you had either then you would know that the Bloomfield Hills Schools need to combine. The cost is merely 24.17 per month which, in all honesty is extremely cheap.


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