United Homeowner Associations of Bloomfield Township

UHOA is: “Dedicated to preserving, promoting, and improving the Bloomfield Township Homeowner Associations and our community through united action.” Learn more!

UHOA Elects Officers and Directors

At the January annual UHOA meeting, Sue Bernstein (Kirkwood Subdivision Association)  was elected president and Michele Margosian (Dells of Bloomfield) is the new vice president. Former president Richard Moxley (North Hills Homeowners Association) will continue as a director. Former vice-president, Jon Levin recently moved to another community. Other officers are: Doug Gentry (Kentmoor Association), treasurer, and Linda Ulrey (Lakes of Echo Park), secretary. 

Come Join!

All organized subdivision associations in Bloomfield Township may join UHOA and they also have the option to purchase group liability insurance for their own subdivision officers. Join soon and ask for this benefit. Click here to see if your subdivision is already a member. If your subdivision is not organized, contact the UHOA for possible assistance.

Meeting Change

The meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb.15 has been CHANGED from a general meeting to a meeting of the Directors and Officers ONLY.

The roster of officers and directors changed a bit due to people moving or retiring.  Therefore, the new UHOA board will take this date to review the by-laws and any association concerns that may need addressing this year. Additionally, the UHOA website will undergo some corrections/changes in the near future.

Post Your Comments and Concerns

IF your subdivision currently has an issue that you would like help solving, please add to the comment section provided by Patch below. Those comments will be taken to the UHOA February meeting for discussion by the officers and directors as to how the organization may be able to assist your subdivision and/or the township as a whole. Or, contact your representative to the UHOA. 

United We Can Accomplish Great Things

The UHOA can be a "united" voice advocating for your subdivision's needs. At the March meeting, the entire organization can help determine the priorities and ways to make our township and particularly each subdivision better.

The UHOA working together with the township, and particularly new Supervisor Leo Savoie resulted in televised and archived Board of Trustee meetings. The UHOA membership anticipates more cooperation for other township meetings ( ZBA, Planning Commission, Design Review Board, etc.) to be recorded and archived since the installation of permanent cameras occurred last month at township hall.  What other issues can be solved through united efforts?

March General UHOA Meeting Date 

The next general membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21.  Come to this meeting to learn more. New member subdivisions are welcomed throughout the year. The dues structure is on the UHOA website.

“Dedicated to preserving, promoting, and improving the Bloomfield Township Homeowner Associations and our community through united action.”

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.

Marcia Robovitsky February 08, 2012 at 11:06 PM
There is no hidden agenda. The officers and directors roster changed at the president and vice-president positions and the treasurer was not present at the meeting. Several new directors were elected, also. The newly elected president felt it was important to compile the by-law changes that have been previously approved, but not delivered to the membership and distributed either in hard copy or on the UHOA website. There was no agenda firmly set by the previous board for the February general meeting. A date was reserved for a room, but that was all. Before making a membership push/or meeting, it is the responsibility of the officers and directors to abide by the by-laws and to ensure that message and the purpose of the UHOA is upheld. Minutes of the February meeting will be taken and recorded and given to the membership at the March meeting. It will not be recorded as we are not a government organization, but a 40 year township community group of subdivisions that was/is in need of new guidance in adhering to the rules and bylaws of the organization. Could the officers/directors held a meeting at a different time? Yes, but they didn't. So? Even the township changes scheduled meetings and cancels others. Stuff happens. Why are you keeping it a secret in this blog that you live in West Bloomfield? I am for open and transparent. That's why I blog. Some comment to try and ask questions and present a point of view. Others just like to push some buttons.
Marcia Robovitsky February 08, 2012 at 11:39 PM
A "closed session" often implies that the topic discussed will not be shared with the public often for legal reasons. An example: when the township goes to "closed sessions" to discuss personnel problems or legal issues. No minutes from that meeting are part of the minutes recorded for public viewing. There are minutes taken...just not shared publicly. Perhaps I should have used the word: CANCELLED to the general membership in my blog instead of "changed". I never said "closed session". UHOA cancelled the February meeting for the general membership. Schools cancel classes so the teachers have work days or guest speakers for improving or educating the staff. Nothing secret or or sinister about that or suggesting that open and transparent doesn't exist. The power of words and where and when they are used can be seen here as an example of how misunderstandings can be started. I made a mistake in my blog by not saying "cancelled". Your comment made a mistake by inferring the meeting would be "closed session". As for focusing on the future, that is what the UHOA is doing by meeting and discussing and planning and preparing to share correct information and ideas at the March meeting. The membership will add even MORE input and direction to the directors at the March meeting. United, the UHOA will proceed to an exciting future for the township subdivisions.
Marcia Robovitsky February 09, 2012 at 12:05 AM
Now, for my own comment: As my subdivision representative last year, I listened to a gentleman speak about having no cellular phone service in his home. He was concerned, as were his neighbors, about emergency situations and the inability to reach help from home on a cell phone. In fact, he was a doctor and needed his cell phone to receive calls while at home. His subdivision rallied and offered up a section of common property to have a cell tower installed. The subdivision got no help from the township (if I am recalling the conversation correctly) and not much comment from the UHOA at the time. Now, as a newly elected director for a 1 year term, I would like to reach out to that subdivision and see what the UHOA can do to help them get cell service in their homes. I am hoping someone in that subdivision contacts the UHOA again, or comments here on Patch. What other subdivision issues are out there that could be helped if more voices are advocating for your cause?
J Arch February 09, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Hi Marcia, as someone who endures the same issue of poor cell phone service at home, I want to pass along my findings in case they may apply to the situation you reference. Our home is constructed with wet plaster walls in lieu of drywall. Plaster walls contain a wire mesh called "lath." The lath creates a cone of interference around the home that dramatically reduces a cell signal getting in or out. The way one can test to see if this is indeed the problem is by stepping outside while trying to maintain a call and noting if the signal suddenly gets better. This would indicate that the problem is within the house and trying to get a cell tower installed in the area isn't going to be the solution. J. Wagner
Marcia Robovitsky February 09, 2012 at 04:43 AM
Thank you. There is something to learn every day. I will definitely remember this if the UHOA discusses this with the subdivision. However, it did seem to be subdivision wide, and going outside was not a good solution. I think it had more to do with topography than walls...but you never know.


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