OPINION: Support the DIA Millage on Aug. 7

For $10 or $15 dollars it's a worthy investment, given all of the cultural and educational enrichment the DIA provides.


I am writing to encourage my neighbors in and Oakland County to support the Detroit Institute of Arts by voting YES on August 7 for our county’s art institute authority. The DIA is one of the top art museums in the world and we are fortunate to have it in our region.

Many of my neighbors might not be aware of how frequently Oakland County residents visit the DIA or how often the DIA visits us. In the last couple of years, more than 12,000 Oakland County students have been to the DIA and 3,000 Oakland County residents from community organizations toured the recent blockbuster exhibition, Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus. The DIA is also in our county, daily. The museum has provided more than 200 talks and classes to our schools, seniors groups, community centers, libraries and other organizations since 2011.

If we approve the art institute authority on August 7, each household will provide an average of $10 to $15 per year to help fund the DIA’s general operations. The funds will be managed by Oakland County’s art institute authority and will be distributed to the DIA in exchange for services, which include free admission for all Oakland County residents and more robust educational programming and exhibitions.

Personally, I can’t think of a better investment for $10 or $15 dollars, especially given all of the cultural and educational enrichment the DIA provides to us.

For the good of , Oakland County, our region and state, please vote YES for the Oakland County Art Institute Authority on Aug.7 and join me in ensuring the DIA is open and accessible for our future and the future of our children.

Susanne Spiegel,

Bloomfield Hills

Mark White August 04, 2012 at 10:32 PM
In its DIA, Detroit has millions in cash but billions -- many, many billions! -- in artworks. Those millions in cash, even adding a DIA millage's $230 million, can't save the DIA from a Detroit bankruptcy -- Detroit's DIA art collection will be the first City asset auctioned off! Those billions in artworks, though, can keep Detroit out of bankruptcy. Detroit can raise billions to secure its finances by selling its artworks outright (not good! -- it loses the DIA!!) or it can secure its finances and its DIA by selling innovative investment vehicles that let art investors gain from artwork values rising as DIA masterpieces hang -- forever secured and insured for public viewing and investor appreciation -- on DIA walls (not bad!!). To really save the DIA... forget the millage, activate the artworks!!


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