Alert Issued About Men Posing as Bloomfield Twp. Water Employees

The township water department issued a warning after residents reported scam to police.


Bloomfield Township issued a warning to all residents this week after homeowners reported being robbed by people pretending to be water department employees.

Bloomfield Township Water Department employees said they needed to enter the home to check for rusty water, according to a post on the township's website. Once inside, one of the thieves asked the homeowner to come with him to the basement to run the water and flush toilets. The other individual stayed upstairs while the homeowner was distracted, and reportedly stole multiple items.

Officials with the Bloomfield Township Police Department confirmed they are investigating the incident, but further details were not available Wednesday.

The township alert urges residents to ask for a township identification badge if they are approached at home by an individual claiming to be an employee. Residents should also look for a township-marked vehicle and know that township water employees wear a uniform with a township logo.

They do not knock on doors unless there is an emergency, and will not try to enter homes without an appointment, the alert states.

Anyone that sees similar or suspicious activity is encouraged to call the police immediately.


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