Final Push: Activists on Both Sides of Bloomfield Bond Issue Plan to Finish Strong

Members of One Bloomfield United and Bloomfield 20/20 are taking their messages to the people on the final weekend before the vote.


With arguably the biggest decision Bloomfield Hills Schools district residents collectively have had to make looming just days away, activists on both sides of the high school bond issue aren't taking anything for granted. 

Members of One Bloomfield United — the grassroots community group formed last year that supports the Bloomfield Hills Schools' initiative to merge and high schools on one campus — will continue to canvass neighborhoods door-to-door, making sure residents are aware of the election and their reasons for supporting the plan at the polls on Tuesday.

"This is our highest concentration of volunteers going door-to-door as far as number of people that we've had," said OBU organizer Ellen Tener, who estimated about 100 residents offered to participate for one final push.

Their presence will also be felt Tuesday, organizers said, as they plan to be at polling locations, busy shopping centers and even high-traffic intersections reminding people to get out and vote.

Of interest: Learn more about this issue on the High School Consolidation Topic Page.

Opponents are also mobilizing their message to stop the $59 million tax proposal. It's familiar territory for many members of Bloomfield 20/20, which helped defeat two prior consolidation initiatives in 2010 and 2007.

With district officials vowing this will be the last vote, and the merger of both schools set for the fall of 2013 — whether on one or two campuses — the group has centered it's 'No' campaign on the alternative plan to renovate both existing buildings. They're also noting a Detroit News editorial published Friday that criticized the district and the proposal, and focusing on OBU's delay in filing campaign finance reports.

"Will dirty tricks win a stealth election?" Bloomfield 20/20 spokeswoman Jenny Greenwell said in an email raising the concern.

Brandon Kaufman, spokesman for OBU, said the filing report is massive and requires detailed documentation that will be complete within the next few days, in compliance with campaign finance rules.

Not to be outdone, the organization has also compiled its own impressive list of  endorsements from local officials, business owners and area publications in a large mailer sent out before the weekend.

More thoughts May 07, 2012 at 08:30 PM
We will only have a decision if it is "Yes". They will keep bringing it up until they get what they want based on past history. Why do you think they set the May election? They always have another chance in November. There is always a new way to spin it. Quite a childish discussion over the signs,too. Yes, I agree they are an antagonizing lot. Chris is right, I hardly know anyone who looks at these discusssions and David Littman is a very celebrated economist and having been on the board and having had kids in the system, I think he is qualified to address the issue. Shame, shame on those who would attack him.
R Gibson May 07, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Dear More Thoughts, well unfortunately, you didn’t understand one bit my point or post. This is not about Chris, Brandon, Charles, John, Keith, or anyone else. This is not about 20/20 or OBU. This is about people’s behavior towards others on this forum, and ultimately what that behavior is doing to our reputation. Ultimately, all you are doing is harming us all by your repeated insults to others. This site obviously has a broader audience then just us. What do you think all this back and forth, name calling, and personal attacks is doing for how people perceive us outside this community.
Neal Charness May 07, 2012 at 11:45 PM
B2020/Bloomfield Voice gets Texas super pac money for their last minute mailing. It came in today's mail and it has the usual content, all fine and good. But...right after Chris Fellin and Jenny Greenwell complained about finance disclosure here's a mailing with Bloomfield Voice (Chris is/has been the treasurer) that shows it was paid for by Americans For Prosperity, the Koch Brother's super pac out of Texas. For shame, for this to happen in a local school bond election. Mr. Gibson is right that all this reflects poorly on our community and will make working together very difficult.
Sherrie Singer May 08, 2012 at 02:47 AM
As a former pine lake school parent, I do agree it was upsetting to see our wonderful school close. But PLEASE we must move on and understand that it's our economy and low enrollment that made the board close our doors. We must now look to the future and hope that people will make the responsible choice and vote yes tomorrow!
R Gibson May 08, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Mr. Charness, Thank you for you support. They say all politics are local. I guess we now can see why Washington is so disfunctional. If we can't get through something as simple as this, what makes us think we can tackle really tough problems when they come up.


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