Howrylak, Kerwin to Compete for State Representative and More

Here are results from Tuesday's primary election in Troy.

Here are the unofficial results from the Oakland County Elections Division for the Aug. 7, 2012 primary election in Troy. Official results will be available Wednesday from the City of Troy Clerk.

41st District State Representative

Republican candidate Martin Howrylak received nearly 38 percent of the vote, beating out fellow Republicans Debora DeBacker and Matt Pryor, who received 34 and 28 percent of the vote, respectively. 

Howrylak, a former Troy City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, will face former Troy City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Mary Kerwin, a Democrat, in November.

County Commissioner, 11th District

Republican Robert Gosselin ran unopposed and will face Democrat Louise Schilling, who also ran unopposed, in November.

County Commissioner, 16th District

Republican Mike Bosnic ran unopposed and will face Democrat Tim Burns, who also ran unopposed, in November.

County Commissioner, 20th District

Republican Antoine Delaforterie ran unopposed and will face Democrat Gary McGillivray, who also ran unopposed, in November.

U.S. Senate

Republican Pete Hoekstra beat out fellow Republicans Clark DurantGary Glenn and Randy Hekman and will face Democrat Debbie Stabenow in November.

Congress, 11th District

, of Milford, won the Republican primary over write-in candidates  and . In November, Bentivolio will face Democrat , who beat out fellow Democrat Bill Roberts.

Oakland County Executive 

Republican L. Brooks Patterson beat Republican E. Wadsworth Sherrod III by a landslide and will face Democrat Kevin Howley in November.

Oakland County Sheriff

Republican Mike Bouchard beat Republican James Stevens by a landslide and will face Democrat Jane Felice Boudreau in November.

Oakland County Prosecutor 

Republican Mike Bishop ran unopposed and will face Democrat Jessica Cooper, who also ran unopposed, in November.

Oakland County Clerk

Democrat Lisa Brown ran unopposed and will face Republican Bill Bullard, who also ran unopposed, in November.

Oakland County Treasurer

Republican Marty Knollenberg ran unopposed and will face Democrat Andy Meisner, who also ran unopposed, in November.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

Democrat Jim Nash beat out Democrat Mark Danowski and will face Republican John McCulloch in November.

Results courtesy of the Oakland County Elections Division.

Wiley Coyote August 09, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Glad you got nothing but truth from Martin, Dale. The rest of us got nothing but lies from him on the city budget and the library millage for the last years of his term. He was a councilman with access to the city budget that few of us had and he put out deceptive four-page mailers again and again to defeat the millages to save the library. So honesty appears to be a problem. Let's all enjoy the fact that he has been endorsed by Janice Daniels as well, our very own soon-to-be-recalled mayor who is now on record defending Sterling Heights councilman Paul Smith and his wife, two of the most hateful bigots this area has probably ever had in office. Recall Janice Daniels and don't elect Martin Howrylak to anything.
Lucille Musser Arking August 17, 2012 at 04:21 PM
The TCU members who are always at city council are open minded and not hostile ?Really ,you must be kidding us or never watch council meetings . Actual the worse behavior does come from those who only goal in life is attend city council meetings
Lucille Musser Arking August 21, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Why is this important? All that is important is the results of his policies as council person and how they effected the people of Troy .
Lucille Musser Arking August 21, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Dear Open minded , . Just because you say it does not make it true. The hostility in your note only confirms for me what I the normal curve tells us . We can expect hostility , closed minds , ignorance , as well as other negative and postive things on both sides . It also says tou are ashame to own your statyements so you hide under a pseudo name. Just thought you may wish to know this .
Lucille Musser Arking August 21, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Dale , What is the difference ? The only important issue is how their policy decisions effected Troy for better or worse . All other issues are of no value when making a voting decision.


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