Peters Touts Deal on Payroll Tax Cut

The Bloomfield Township Democrat calls the extension a defeat for GOP and Tea Party 'extremists.'

The reversal by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives over the renewal of a payroll tax cut that effects every American with a job or without but accepting unemployment is a clear defeat for the majority party, according to U.S. Rep. Gary Peters.

Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, said the deal reached late Thursday by House leaders to renew the tax cut through February is a clear indication that Speaker John Boehner and others listened to harsh criticism after they initially rejected the proposal.

"Ninety-three thousand jobless workers in Michigan and middle class families around the country will celebrate the Holidays knowing their voices were heard," Peters said in a news release. "This is a defeat for Speaker Boehner and Tea Party extremists and a victory for those who want to work together to solve problems."

Members of U.S. are expected today to pass a limited extension of the federal payroll tax cut for every worker and the unemployed later today.

If all goes according to plan, Congress will send a bill to President Barack Obama to become law for two months and put off until January a fight over how to pay for the 2 percentage point tax cut, extend jobless benefits averaging around $300 a week and prevent doctors from absorbing a big cut in Medicare payments through 2012, the Huffington Post reported.

Those goals had been embraced by virtually every lawmaker in the House and Senate, but had been derailed in a quarrel over demands by House Republicans for immediate negotiations on a long-term extension bill. Senate leaders of both parties had tried to barter such an agreement among themselves a week ago but failed, instead agreeing upon a 60-day measure to buy time for talks next year.

Boehner, R-Ohio, caved in to the Senate demands after days of criticism from Obama and Democrats.

The payroll tax cut was the centerpiece of Obama's three-month, campaign-style drive for jobs legislation that seems to have contributed to an uptick in his poll numbers – and taken a toll on those of congressional Republicans, according to the Huffington Post.

Gary December 23, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Gary Peters just likes to hear himself talk and is part of the problem with Congress. this congress, both democrat and republican are just kicking the can down the road and taking to real action to deal with problems in this county. In another two months they will be having the same arguments about how to deal with these issues. When do they realize that they cannot continue to spend taxpayers money like it's coming from a well. We need to start making meaningful cuts in spending. We cannot continue to spend money we do not have.


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