Bloomfield Area School Leaders Respond to Connecticut School Shooting

Sorrow and security are recurring themes in messages to parents from different local schools.


Leaders at both public and private schools serving Bloomfield residents reached out to parents with a dual message Friday in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT. First, your children are safe, and second, they will have the support they need to help deal with the magnitude of this tragedy. 

Newtown Patch in Connecticut is posting live updates about the shooting that killed 27, 20 of which were children. The lone shooter, 20, is also dead.

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Superintendent Rob Glass reiterated that safety is the first priority in every building in the district in a letter sent to parents Friday evening. 

"A few parents have asked about our safety systems and we want to reassure you that we take many daily measures to protect the students and staff in our buildings," he wrote. Glass also said parents should expect another communication from the district early next week that outlines the comprehensive safety measures and emergency procedures currently in place.

Grief counselors are always available to students having difficulty, and they will be on-hand Monday when children return to class.

In Birmingham, officials alerted all buildings in the district  to heighten the adult presence in the halls, at recess and during dismissal following the shooting, Superintendent Daniel Nerad said in a letter to the community.

The response was similar at local private schools as well. head of school at Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, expressed his sorrow over the tragedy and reiterated the school's commitment to security with guards, locked doors and surveillance cameras in a letter to parents.

"While this school shooting is horrible and makes us all feel more vulnerable, please remember, our communities are generally safe and we, as the adults have to make sure our children feel safe and secure," he wrote.

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