Bloomfield Hills High School Transportation Survey is Live

The Bloomfield Hills Schools seeks parent input about transportation needs and start times related to the two-year transition plan.


The Bloomfield Hills Schools on Tuesday launched a survey on its website to help gauge parent response to transportation plans concerning the surrounding the new Bloomfield Hills High School.

As construction on a new building commences on the current Andover High School site next fall, students in grades 10-12 will use the current Lahser High School, while ninth graders will be housed at the former Hickory Grove Elementary School. Since both are located off Lahser Road, planners anticipate a major traffic impact during peak school arrival and dismissal times.

The district proposed staggered start times for the buildings to ease congestion, however, during the first round of school transition meetings for parents in November, several cited concerns about siblings with different start times and the impact on after-school activities.

The survey, which can be found on the district website, outlines two scenarios and seeks feedback on what parents and families would be willing to during arrival and dismissal time. Families with multiple students can fill out separate forms.

Superintendent Rob Glass said he hoped for wide participation and for community members to keep two items in mind.

"One, this transition will be difficult, but workable, and we want it to be as smooth as possible," he recently told members of the BHS School Board. "We also want an accurate handle on what people are really willing to do as far as time constraints."

The survey closes on Feb. 12.

Marcia Robovitsky January 30, 2013 at 06:28 PM
This SURVEY should be read by all taxpayers because parent drivers/student drivers as well as bused students are affected. So is the surrounding community trying to get to work/activities. See the two choices for high school transportation being offered by BHSD for the high school students. http://www.bloomfield.org/bloomfield-hills-high-school/parent-transportation-survey/index.aspx If you have or will have a child in the high school over the next two years...PLEASE take this survey and make sure your neighbors/friends also take the survey. My guess is you won't like either choice and my other guess is that this survey has a predetermined outcome. As a NON parent, but taxpayer, my question is what is the Cost $$$ for transportation for each plan offered? As an observer of what the BHS administration does... On January 10 there was a request to PURCHASE FIVE NEW SCHOOL BUSES, but there are no minutes posted yet, so I don't know the result. Was the purchase approved? Were some buses traded in or sold? How many total buses will the BHS district have? Will 5 more drivers need to be hired? What is the estimated cost of ALL transportation at all grade levels for the future 2013-14 school year vs the cost for transportation in the past? The CPC last fall requested a discussion on outsourcing transportation to save money for the district. Is that still an option and discussion topic?
-Elizabeth- January 31, 2013 at 03:24 AM
Marcia, I perceive that you are upset about the survey and the buses. That there is some hidden motive or pre determined decision. The district was upfront saying that they thought one option was best...until they talked to parents and heard their concerns. So they are responded and developed a second option. Now they are asking parents what they think is best. I see no hidden motive or predetermined decision here. As a parent of a high school student I already answered the survey and wrote a lot in the comment area just to make sure that they understood my opinions. You seem to be trying to make an issue out of this. We all know that all the high school students will need to travel on Hickory Grove to get to school next two years. We all know there will be traffic congestion...so lets come up with the best option for the students, the parents and the rest of the community. That is all... RE the bus purchase............ I suggest that you watch the January 10th board meeting to find out what happened. You are sure to get your answer. Here is the URL http://bhstv.bloomfield.org/category/bd-of-ed I recall that the bus purchase is for replacements. If you want to talk about outsourcing, I suggest you attend the next Financial CPC and bring up the issue.
J Arch January 31, 2013 at 04:16 PM
Marcia, I fully respect your adopted role as a community watchdog. I concede to you that too few people engage themselves in the process of governing their city/township or their schools. That being said, I take issue with your characterization of BHSD's efforts on this high school transportation schedule question. There were numerous discussions during publicly attended high school transition meetings regarding this topic, so your "guesses" regarding the options and there being a pre-determined outcome are unfair and uncalled for. Further, your questions regarding the school bus purchase request could have been answered with some simple research and/or engagement on your part that you apparently chose not to perform. These decisions are fully discussed at Board Meetings, which are replayed multiple times on Comcast 16 as well as via archived video on the BHSD web site. Minutes get published once they are approved at the next Board Meeting, but as you yourself have pointed out in past, video replays provide much more detail and BHSD provides those. For the record, BHSD has a longstanding history of solid stewardship of taxapyer dollars in their management of the bus fleet. Buses are maintained to a high standard as demonstrated by the District's perennial #1 ranking by the Michigan State Police before that inspection program was cut. This means greater longevity for the buses before they had to be replaced, thereby maximizing the value of those assets. J. Wagner
Marcia Robovitsky February 01, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Interesting that neither of the two comment above answered my questions. Do they know the answers? Have they watched the televised meeting? Do they care about the transportation costs? While I often give those answers and facts, this time I chose to ask questions. I'd love it if others gave answers once in a while... I'm not a watchdog 24/7. I did attend a transportation meeting and listened to what was said even though I do not have a child in school. I also know that producing a "survey" is asking for opinions of what the responder prefers. Keep in mind, the survey gives the administration more information to make the final decision. This is not a vote. I am not "trying to making an issue" out of anything. My original comment was seeking a community discussion on the costs of transportation in BHSD. Of course, transportation is needed....buses and drivers. I never questioned how they were maintained . The survey offers PLANS with different amount of "runs" those buses and drivers would make in a day. Each run costs money! Why can't the community know the costs associated with each "plan" before filling out the survey? This BHSD community is still divided IF every comment or question asked by someone who didn't vote yes for the one high school appears to YOU to be trying to make "issues" out of everything. I'm not. I'm asking questions that concern my pocketbook and the taxes I pay. Questions all taxpayers should be asking.


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