Student Dress Code: The Weather is Warm, But The Clothing Shouldn't Be Hot

With temperatures expected to break 70 degrees today, schools want to remind students to keep certain spots covered.


Students in the have been reminded to keep their wardrobes "cool" while temperatures climb this week.

An e-mail alert from asked parents and guardians to review the dress code with their children and keep an eye on necklines and hemlines before students leave for school. Students that violate the code will be required to change clothes to remain in school, even if it means calling parents to drop off different outfits.

"We appreciate your cooperation in assisting the Andover administration in maintaining an educational environment that does not disrupt the educational process," the e-mail read.

Appropriate attire for girls:

  • Dresses/shorts/skirts should be at least mid-thigh in length.
  • Midriffs, backs, chest area, and shoulders should be covered (bare midriffs, bare backs, crop/cut-off/low-cut/halter/spaghetti strap/tank tops are not appropriate).

Appropriate attire for boys:

  • Pants/shorts must be worn at the waistline and undergarments should not be visible (low riding pants/shorts are not appropriate).

The National Weather Service calls for mostly sunny skies today with highs between 68 and 72 degrees. Temperatures will hover around 70 degrees for the next few days and are expected to stay above average well into next week.


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