UPDATED: Lahser Cruises by Andover in Lopsided Rivalry Finale, 70-7

The Knights dominate offensively and defensively in the final 'Battle for the Sword' as consolidation of Andover and Lahser looms.


One way or the other, Friday night's game between cross-district rivals Andover and high schools was going to be memorable. Though it might be one Barons fans might soon want to forget.

With the merger to the new Bloomfield Hills High School planned for next year, individual school and team pride was on the line, and fans from both schools showed up in droves to Lahser's Dauch Field. While the 70-7 Lahser rout left little drama on the field there was still plenty of significance to the contest. Even to those looking ahead.

"It's the last one between these schools and I wanted to be here and be part of it," said Theo Calvas, who will be among the first freshman class of Bloomfield Hills High School. "It's something special."

Though the annual match-up — dubbed the 'Battle of the Sword' — typically occurs late in the season, the teams were forced to play in the 2012 season opener because of scheduling issues that surfaced when it until late last March.

The lack of the typical build-up surrounding past contests for 'the sword' because students are not yet in school didn't dampen school spirit, said Eric Weisgerber, a Lahser senior.

"This is still very cool, and a huge game," he said while selling Lahser 'rally towels' to fans at the pre-game tailgate as part of a fund-raiser for Ashley's Dream — a local foundation that combats drunken driving.

"It's usually on homecoming (weekend) and there would probably be more hype if we were in school," he explained. "But it's the cross-town rival and the last (rivalry game) we'll ever have. Everyone's pumped up."

Weisberger was among the faithful fans that converged on Dauch Field scheduled because they won Channel 4's first Friday Football Frenzy game of the week vote with enormous turnout.

Members of both football teams were there as well, and if the Knights were at all tired by the 7 p.m. kickoff, they didn't show it. Lahser scored first roughly five minutes into the game, and had a 21-0 lead with about five minutes remaining in the first quarter.



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